Treasure Learning Assessment and Advice

Assessment and Advice

Treasure Learning helps parents, students and teachers identify and understand each student’s unique set of strengths and weaknesses.  Treasure Learning describes suitable interventions and differentiation to promote learning.  Treasure Learning supports Examination Access Arrangements to secure equal opportunities for students with disabilities, including Extra Time, Reader, Scribe, Use of Computer, Supervised Rest Breaks and Enlarged Papers.

Treasure Learning Provides:

Specialist Assessor services to schools for students who may require Examination Access Arrangements.
£110 per student including relevant assessments and assistance in completion of Form 8.

Specialist Advice to schools, students and their families.
£150 per student including written report and recommendations for enhanced differentiation, targets and interventions, following assessments of, as appropriate:

Receptive Vocabulary
Reading Comprehension
Phonological Processing and Digit Span
Mathematical skills
Independent learning skills
Emotional Literacy


Achieve Potential